Maximize Earnings with Miricam's Multi-Streaming Capability with

video streaming Syndication System

Broadcast your influencers across other instances of Miricam, invite limitless influencers from other Miricam sites, and control pricing, commissions, and more - all in real-time.


The Classic Conundrum:

Venturing into the realm of online video streaming services can pose a unique challenge: How do you attract customers hungry for engaging cam influencer content while also convincing high-quality cam influencers to join your platform? This two-fold problem may seem overwhelming, but with Mbase, you can effortlessly navigate this predicament.

The Solution: MBase video streaming Syndication Server

Connecting your Miricam website to the MBase Server boosts your site's live content by integrating cam influencers and influencers from other Miricam sites, all under your control.

Pick which influencers to add or share, manage real-time pricing and commission, and diversify your content to drive traffic and sales.

This optional service provides a comprehensive accounting system, with unique influencer rates and real-time reporting, elevating your earning potential.

Example: "DazzleCam: Scaling with MBASE"


"DazzleCam" is a new influencer site, focusing on niche performances, but it's struggling with the initial problem of attracting both influencers and customers simultaneously. They have a few influencers and customers, but not enough to create a dynamic, thriving platform.

MBASE Implementation:

Expansion of influencer Base:

  • DazzleCam signs up for MBASE. By accessing the MBASE Administrator area, DazzleCam's owner browses the usernames, images, prices, and sales data of influencers from other participating sites in the MBASE network.
  • They handpick influencers that fit their niche, allowing those influencers to appear on DazzleCam. These influencers appear as organic content, enhancing DazzleCam's portfolio.
  • Customers on DazzleCam can now chat with these new influencers, with DazzleCam profiting from the price differential between the fee they pay to MBASE and the charge to their customer.

Increasing Customer Reach for influencers:

  • DazzleCam's in-house influencers are added to the MBASE system.
  • Other participating sites choose these influencers based on their fit, allowing them to appear on multiple platforms.
  • DazzleCam’s influencers gain more exposure and potential earnings, incentivizing more influencers to join DazzleCam due to the amplified reach.

Optimizing Profit and Traffic:

  • With the influx of influencers and the broadened content offering, DazzleCam attracts more users.
  • DazzleCam utilizes MBASE's control tools to adjust pricing, commissions, and discounts to find the sweet spot for maximizing profit.
  • Real-time reports from MBASE allow DazzleCam to make immediate adjustments based on user behavior and spending.

Promotion and Growth:

  • DazzleCam begins aggressive marketing, touting its expanded range of influencers and performances, leveraging the content provided via MBASE.
  • As a result, DazzleCam sees an uptick in both influencers and customers, creating a vibrant, self-sustaining community.


Within a few months, DazzleCam grows from a small platform to a competitive player in the entertainment streaming industry, offering a diverse range of content and attracting a steady stream of both influencers and customers. The use of MBASE allowed DazzleCam to overcome the initial growth hurdles, positioning itself as a preferred platform in the niche webcam market.

Key Benefits of MBASE:

  • More influencers: Choose cam influencers from other sites in the network and benefit from the price difference as they integrate organically into your site.
  • More Customers: Expand your influencers' audience by adding them to MBASE for other sites to feature.
  • Expanded Exposure: Amplify your influencers' visibility across multiple websites.

MBASE seamlessly integrates with Miricam Servers for live video and text chat distribution, ensuring high video quality, secure delivery, organic display, real-time accounting, streamlined stream management, and scalable connections.

Maximize Your video streaming Platform with MBASE for Miricam

Take your video streaming platform to new heights with MBASE for Miricam. Our powerful video streaming Syndication System allows you to expand your influencers' reach, attract more customers, and increase revenue. With real-time control over pricing, commissions, and content, you can effortlessly manage and diversify your platform. Don't miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your business. Contact us now to learn more and start maximizing your earning potential with MBASE for Miricam.

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