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Boosting Influencer Engagement with Miricam's New "Free Chat Payout" Feature

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In the fast-paced world of online webcam streaming, new websites often face the challenge of balancing the expectations of influencers and customers. Influencers seek immediate financial rewards for their time and efforts, while potential customers need to see value and engagement before committing funds. This delicate balance can be hard to achieve, leading to a slow start for many new webcam sites.

To address this, 2Much has introduced a groundbreaking feature called MBase Stream Syndication last year, and now a brand new feature, "Free Chat Payout." This innovative system is designed to ensure influencers are compensated for their time during free chats, encouraging them to stay online and engage with potential customers, ultimately boosting site traffic and customer satisfaction.

Understanding the basics of a Free-Chat Payout

Free Chat Payout allows site owners to pay influencers for the time they spend in free chat sessions. Here’s how it works:

  • Compensation for Time: Influencers receive payments for the time they spend chatting with users in the free chat mode. This payment is calculated with per-second accuracy and recorded in the Miricam accounting system ensuring precise and fair compensation.

  • Automatic Transition: The payout system is designed to automatically disable as soon as an influencer enters a private chat. This ensures that influencers are not double-paid and that the system remains fair and transparent.

  • Detailed Accounting: Site owners have access to detailed accounting features, allowing them to track payouts accurately. This transparency helps maintain trust with influencers and ensures that all payments are correctly documented.

  • Adjustable Commission Rates: To maintain profitability, the Free Chat Payout feature includes the option for webmasters to reduce the commission rate during free chat sessions. This flexibility ensures that the site can continue to generate revenue while keeping influencers motivated.

Benefits of Free Chat Payout

Free Chat Payout offers several advantages for both site owners and influencers:

  • Attract and Retain Influencers: By ensuring influencers are compensated for their time, even in free chat, new sites can attract and retain high-quality influencers who might otherwise be hesitant to join a new platform.

  • Increase Customer Engagement: Potential customers are more likely to engage with and invest in conversations when they see active, engaging influencers. This increased engagement can lead to more tips and private chats, boosting site revenue.

  • Build a Loyal Customer Base: By maintaining a lively and interactive free chat environment, sites can build a loyal customer base more quickly, as users are drawn to the active and engaging community.

  • Maintain Profitability: The ability to adjust commission rates ensures that the site remains profitable, even while paying out for free chat sessions. This balance is crucial for the long-term success of the platform.

How to Implement Free Chat Payout

Implementing the Free Chat Payout feature on your Miricam-powered site is straightforward. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Enable the Feature: In your Miricam admin panel, navigate to the Performer Administrator settings and enable the Free Chat Payout option. You may enable this feature for just 1, or just a few, or all of your performers, and change this at any time.

  • Set Payout Rates: Determine the per-hour payout rate for free chat sessions. Consider your budget and the desired engagement level when setting this rate. The system will automatically change this to per-second calculation for you.

  • Adjust Commission Rates: Decide on the commission rate during free chat sessions. This can be adjusted to ensure profitability while the Free Chat Payout is active.

  • Monitor and Optimize: Use the detailed accounting features to monitor the payouts and adjust as necessary. Regularly review the engagement and profitability to optimize the settings for the best results.

By implementing Free Chat Payout, you can create a thriving webcam community where influencers feel valued and customers are eager to engage. This feature is a game-changer for new webcam sites, providing the boost needed to gain traction and build a successful platform.

ROI Calculator


Let's assume that you start with 5 webcam models, and that you ask your model to stream for 4 hours (120 Minutes) per day, that roughly 37.% of his or her time is spent in private chat (90 minutes). Let's also assume that you are charging $5.00 per minute to your customers for private chat time.

The final assumptions are that you will pay your model $20.00 per hour in free chat, and a 20% commission while in private chat. The scenario might look like this:

Initial values:

Number of Webcam Models:
Total Time Spent Streaming per Session:Minutes
Average Time Spent in Private Chat (*):Minutes
Price you want to charge per-minute:$ /min
Commission Paid to Influencer for Time Spent in Private Chat:%
Free Chat Payout (How much $ you want to pay your models in free chat)$ / Minute


Your Income: Total Private Chat Earnings:+$600.00
Payout to model for Private Chat:(-$120.00)
Payout to Model for Free Chat:(-$39.60)

Your Daily Profit:$440.40

(This does not include additional earnings by tips)

Of course, the values above can vary. Do you want to increase the commission to your models? Go ahead and change it above. Feel free to edit the values above to your own liking to get an idea of how much you can really earn.

(*) Suggestion: If you plan to work with models with more outgoing personalities who are more charming and likeable, it is not unreasonable to assume that they will spend more time in private chat. Consider increasing this number if this is what you are planning.

With Freechat Payouts, Website owners like yourself can now attract new influencers by offering a steady income, providing them with financial stability and predictability. This allows influencers to confidently plan and manage their personal finances. As a result, influencers are more likely to log in more often and stay online longer, ultimately earning more for the website owner than a commission-based model alone. This increased activity can lead to higher engagement and revenue, benefiting both the influencers and the site.

These examples demonstrate how the Free Chat Payout feature can significantly impact the earnings of both influencers and the website. By adjusting the number of influencers and other variables, site owners can better understand and optimize their revenue streams.

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