Miricam Lovense Support Integration

Experience unparalleled control and convenience with Miricam's integration of Lovense support, allowing users to remotely manipulate devices and systems through a chat interface.

Remote Control Sextoys now available with Miricam

What is Lovense?

Miricam, the cutting-edge platform renowned for its innovative features in remote monitoring and control, is taking a leap forward with the introduction of Lovense support. Lovense , a state-of-the-art remote-control vibrator, seamlessly integrates with Miricam to offer users unparalleled play during private chat sessions with your favourite webcam models. With Miricam's advanced capabilities and Lovense 's intuitive design, users can now remotely manipulate various devices and systems simply by engaging in a chat interface.

Imagine letting your customers effortlessly adjusting the movement and intensity of the toys your models are using as they enjoy the realtime pleasure, reactions and feedback, all with just a few taps on your device's screen while chatting with Miricam. The synergy between Miricam and Lovense eliminates the need for multiple apps or complicated setups, streamlining the user experience like never before.

Starting April 1st, 2024, your customers can enhance their streaming and chat experience with Lovense support by purchasing it as an add-on for $1500.00. This investment opens up a world of possibilities & profit.

Miricam with Lovense support is the ultimate solution. Say goodbye to cumbersome control interfaces and hello to seamless, intuitive remote control with Miricam and Lovense .

How Miricam Lovense Support Works

Your users can control various lovesense devices worn by the models on your website while in private chat. Commands issued by the customer are delivered in real-time via additional functions embedded directly into your chat room via secured HTTPS protocol. Control is halted as soon as the private chat session ends. Controls are available to each model to allow for a tailored and comfortable experience.