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Use Miricam to broadcast Live video & chat to your customers on all devices.

What is Miricam?

Miricam is a video chat solution to let you provide video chat services to your users on your website. You can provide any kind videochat-based business or entertainment service you like to your customers for free, or charge your viewers for access per-minute, per session, or per month.

If you are a single user who wants to broadcast to your own customers, then Miricam Solo is just what you need. Or if you are someone who would like to have multiple webcam broadcasters at the same time, we have solutions for that too. You can start with a small single-broadcaster business, and expand to broadcasting an unlimited number of broadcasters for unlimited per-minute revenues easily with Miricam.

Stand-out Features

  • All popular browsers supported
  • Nothing for users to download or install
  • HD Quality Video with absolutely no lag
  • Embedded Chat Room
  • WebRTC based. Adobe Flash is NOT Required
  • Mobile Support
  • Built-in Payment Processing
  • 1-Click Payment Feature
  • Secure via SSH, HTTPS and PCI
  • Customizable Look-and-Feel
  • Real-time sales reports
  • Your Logo, your copyright
  • Runs on your new or existing website
  • Host on your servers or ours
  • Charge your clients any way you like
  • Adjustable Price & Commission Structure
  • 1-way & 2 Way Video & Audio
  • Full-Screen Video
  • Responsive Design
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Business support services available
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Add your own banners, links, wording & images

Broadcast to your users from any Windows PC or Apple Mac to your customers on any device. Broadcast from mobile devices too! Miricam Pro Works with all popular browsers, so there is no extra software or app to download. Just login and have fun!

Getting Paid

Your customers pay you for your time via credit card or debit card. All sales are processed in real time and reported to you instantly. Payments are made directly to your bank account each Wednesday at midnight eastern time for all sales up to the previous friday. Funds appear within your account 24 hours (US and Canada), and usually within 48 hours for most other countries. All funds are in USD.

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How it works:

Miricam Pro is package of files that you host on your own website, or that we can host for you for free. The package includes HTML files that display your video, chat and related functions as well as all other programs required. Miricam comes ready to use, and you can customize it to look the way you want too with your own logo, colors and layout.

(Server requirements Include the latest versions of MySQL2/MariaDB, WebRTC, PHP and other dependancies.)

Why Miricam?

Other video-chat services cost alot of money, or force you to share your streaming content, place other unwanted webcam models on your site, or retain legal ownership of your customer data. With Miricam on the other hand, you retain 100% ownership of all data and 100% control. You are also paid 100% of all sales generated, not just a commission. Your customers always remain on your site too. The only email they will receive is what you send to them.

Safe & Secure, and adult-content friendly

Miricam, your video content are all delivered via HTTPS. Unlike using Skype-based programs, your IP Address is not discoverable by unwanted users, and your account won't be shut down for adult content. Yes! Adult Content is Allowed. Payment Processing on your site is already adult friendly and complies with all adult-content regulations and best practices. Miricam is built with adult content in mind. Your payments are processed via merchant provides who also allow and welcome adult content. Miricam allows you to have a sexy-fun time video-chatting with your clients completely worry-free.


Miricam works with all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. . No 3rd-party applications or other downloads are never required. Not even Flash.

No unwanted ads, no links, no BS.

With Miricam, we do not force you to display annoying advertising on your site. There is a small link on the bottom of your page back to 2Much.net and we ask that you please consider keeping it there, but it is by no means a requirement.

Miricam Multi-directional Video Chat Screenshot 2 by 2Much.net

Miricam License Options

Miricam is available for purchase with a variety of options to meet your budget and requirements. While Miricam Solo is perfect for single broadcaster situations (such as solo-model websites), the larger Standard, Pro and Enterprise systems are built for site owners who want to employ the services of multiple broadcasters and studios simultaneously on the same website, broadcast to multiple websites at the same time, or network with other sites to increase users and content.

Miricam Multi-directional Video Chat Screenshot 2 by 2Much.net

Go Enterprise and build your empire.

Want it all? Miricam Enterprise is the ultimate Videochat solution for your fast-growing business. It includes everything in Miricam and Miricam Pro, plus these amazing features:

  • Support for Unlimited Broadcasters
  • Power Multiple websites at the same time (Create your own network!)
  • Power streaming services for Solo Models for any revenue share you like
  • Accept live streams from studios (Complete with studio-side accounting system)
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