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Miricam offers a complete package - A customizable website & Server system for your influencers to stream live video & chat, for your profit.

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Our innovative platform allows you to monetize influencer-fan interactions through multiple simultaneous methods including Private Chat, donations & content sales.

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With Miricam, your live streamers are not just entertainers, they're part of your profit strategy. Transform their webcams & fan-base into profits for them and for you.

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Built-in payment processing. Real time accounting & statistics. Ability to Network with others, Installed on your domain are just a few of the features offered by Miricam.


Winner of Best Software Company of the year (Xbiz Awards: Los Angeles, CA). As seen on TV's Webdreams, Payout Magazine , Fubar Webmasters , Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, and AVN.

XBiz Award for Best Software Company of the year to