Own your own Voyeur-House website with GLIMPSE 1.5 Streaming IP-Camera Solution

Introducing Glimpse 1.5: A simple yet powerfule IP Camera Streaming Solution for Websites

Elevate Your Vision with Glimpse 1.5

Unlock the future of real-time surveillance and streaming. Glimpse 1.5 offers entrepreneurs a complete, customizable platform for IP camera streaming, including website, software, and server solutions. This all-in-one package seamlessly integrates with payment processors, making monetization straightforward and efficient.

Streamline Your Streaming Experience

Glimpse 1.5 redefines viewing clarity and convenience. With support for any camera resolution, real-time sound, and full-screen options, our solution provides a superior viewing experience on any device, ensuring your users never miss a detail.

Multi-Angle, Multi-Opportunity

Discover the power of multiple perspectives with Glimpse 1.5. Our platform's multi-camera video view and video archiving capabilities allow users to watch and review footage from several angles, offering a comprehensive surveillance solution that enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

Scalability at Your Fingertips

Glimpse 1.5: Grow as you go. Designed for flexibility and scalability, our solution supports entrepreneurs looking to expand their streaming service, from a single camera to an extensive network, providing a scalable path to business growth.

Glimpse 1.5 Features

Glamtastic Snaparazzi
Single and Multi-camera viewing

Glimpse 1.5 Allows your users to view multiple single or multiple camera feeds simultaneously, letting them watch the action anyway they like.

Engaging Engagement
Record, Rewind, ReWatch

Real-time recording with rewind fatures keep your customers on your site longer, increasing retention and engagement, and extending membership subscription duration.

Dough-ray-me Conveyor
Payment Processor Integration

Glimpse 1.5 integrates seamlessly with leading payment processors including CCBill, Epoch and Netbillins, offering you and your users a secure and convenient way to handle subscriptions and payments.

Glimpse 1.5 Requirements & Setup

Hardware Requirements are basic. All that is required is 1 or more IP Camera by any popular brand that supports RTMP or RTSP format, which is typical of most home security cameras, connected to the Internet. You can have as many cameras as you like, even at multiple locations. Though the stream manager, you choose which cameras you want to make visible to the general public, and which you want to reserve to paying subscribers.

Glimpse 1.5 can be installed on your existing website, or we can provide you with a custom website with all of the features you like for an additional fee. And yes, Glimpse 1.5 can be integrated into Your Miricam Website too for the ultimate video streaming website.

The streaming servers behind 2Much that power both Miricam and Glimpse are versatile solutions designed for real-time video streaming, supporting adaptive bitrate streaming, WebRTC, and integration with RTMP and HLS, facilitating seamless live broadcasting and video conferencing experiences across different platforms and devices in true real time. And just as importantly, the streaming system is scalable to meet the growing demands of your business.


Your users can view your live content on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, using any operating system and any popular browser including Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.


Pricing starts at $900.00 for the setup and installation + Streaming & Support Services for $179.95 per month for up to 25 cameras. Optional payment processor installation is $750.00. Should you require more cameras we will provide you with a custom quote. To discuss your requirements in more detail or arrange a demo, please Contact us

Whether you're looking to stream a single camera or multiple feeds, Glimpse 1.5 is designed to scale with your business. Our solution caters to the online adult entertainment market, offering unparalleled flexibility, fast server up-scaling for CPU Power and Content Archving on Cloud servers, local machines, and even S3 Storage by service providers such as AWS. Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with Glimpse 1.5 and set a new standard in IP camera streaming. Offer your users a superior viewing experience while building a profitable online platform. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Glimpse 1.5 can transform your business vision into reality.

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