Premium Support

Ultra High-Speed Hosting, 24/7 Tech Support, and Software Updates in one comprehensive package.

Only $179.95 per Month!

Service List

We've got you covered

Ultra-Fast Hosting Services

2 Servers with:

  • Ultra-Fast Quad-Core Server with 8 Gigabytes of Ram
  • 250 Gigabyte SSD Hard Disk
  • CentOS Linux Operating System
  • Email Services
  • Ultra-Low latency Streaming
  • 24 / 7 Monitoring

Payment Processing Support

Payment Processing Support provides essential assistance for both businesses and their customers, covering technical issues with payment systems and addressing end-user transaction queries.

It ensures smooth, secure, and efficient payment experiences by offering troubleshooting, security guidance, and customer service for all payment-related concerns.

24/7 Technical Support

World-class support including.

  • Questions answered, problems solved!
  • Free Miricam Software Updates
  • OS & Library Updates
  • Cloudflare Support
  • Traffic, Advertising & Analytics Support
  • General Business Advice & Consultation
  • Free Banner Creation
  • SEO Support

Optional Services:

We also offer these services for an additional fee:

Expert Webmaster & Programming Services

Custom Software Development | New Features & Modifications | Integration with 3rd Party applications | Edit or modify existing pages | Graphics & Artwork | Adding & Removing Links | Script Installation

3rd-Party Hosting Support

Virtually any hosting provider you like, with specialized services for TMDHosting | Amazon AWS | Microsoft AZURE | and Linode

SEO Services

Boost SEO Performance | Advanced Meta Formatting | Capture Organic Traffic | Backlink Audit | Comprehensive Traffic Analysis | Google Analytics/Google Search Console Integration


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