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Is Miricam a white-label product?

No, Miricam is not a White Label. In contrast to white-label websites where site owners receive only a commission, Miricam stands apart. With Miricam, site owners not only enjoy the benefits of 100% revenue, but they also retain full ownership of all the data, including performer and customer databases. Unlike other platforms, Miricam eliminates the need for domain ownership transfer, allowing site owners to maintain complete control over their online presence. This unique approach empowers site owners to maximize their earnings and have full authority over their platform without compromising data ownership or requiring complex domain transfer processes. Miricam offers a level of ownership and control that sets it apart from traditional white-label solutions, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs seeking a comprehensive and lucrative video chat solution.

What is Miricam?

Miricam is a comprehensive video chat, social media, and payment solution for adult, psychic, influencer, and other entertainment websites offering high-quality video streaming, image & video galleries, and payment processing. It empowers your entertainers to generate revenue through live private chat, sales of image galleries, video clips, virtual gifts, and customer referrals all on your domain. Users and models can engage through the built-in social media platform with messaging, detailed profiles, instant notifications, and integration with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I already have a website. Can I expand my website with Miricam?

Yes. Miricam can be seamlessly integrated into your current website as an add-on, using a sub-domain of your existing domain. Implementing Miricam in this way can offer several advantages, such as providing a clear separation between your website and Miricam's functionality, as well as the ability to maintain different user experiences and login credentials. Additionally, utilizing a sub-domain can facilitate easier tracking and analysis of Miricam's usage and performance.

Can I host Miricam on my own server?

Yes. We offer a special version of Miricam called Miricam Enterprise that can be hosted on your own servers.

How do my customers pay for my services?

Your customers pay for your services by any Mastercard or Visa credit card or debit card. Payment processing is included with your site.

What are the transaction fees?

9.9%: A transaction fee of 9.9% per transaction is charged for each purchase on all sales up to $5000 per week. You automatically receive a 0.5% discount when sales exceed $5000 per week.

Can I use my own merchant account or payment processor?

Yes. We offer integration services for your 3rd party payment processor or gateway service on Enterprise-level licenses. We support CCBill, Netbilling, Paypal, Segpay, Epoch, and others. Contact us for more information.

What are the technical requirements for users and models?

Any PC or Mobile device will work just fine. We suggest that models use Google Chrome when broadcasting for best results.

Do you offer custom programming services?

Yes. We offer custom programming for new projects from scratch, and FREE CUSTOMIZATION services for your Miricam site.
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