Premium Support

Ultra High-Speed Hosting, 24/7 Tech Support, and Software Updates in one package.

(*As low as $179.95 per month!)


Premium Support Services Include:

Dual Server Hosting

  • Web Server: Ultra-Fast 16 CPU Core Servers, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and 4TB HDD / 500GB SSD (Raid 10) Storage
  • MiriCast Server: Same as above, virtualized on the cloud for fast scaling.
  • Both servers include: Unlimited Bandwidth, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Apache, MySQL, PHP, NodeJS, Miricam & MiriCast software & licenses, daily backups, software and OS updates, free Miricam and Miricast updates.
  • Optional Services: Streaming recording, archive management, and Amazon AWS S3 Bucket storage.

Technical Support

  • 24/7 Technical Support for your website, servers, users and broadcasters.
  • Traffic, Advertising, Google Analytics, and banner creation.
  • Cloudflare Support
  • Server Management assistance for TMDHosting, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Linode servers.

Business Support

  • Collaborative support for enhanced business success (New!)
  • Sales & Marketing

Licensing, Legal, and MC/Visa Compliance

  • Automatic updates of Miricam, Miricast, and MBase licensing
  • Payment Processing Support for compliance and technical issues with payment systems.
  • Operating System Licenses
  • Image licensing for sales & landing pages

Collaborative Support for Enhanced Business Success
(Launching June 1 2024)

Enhance Your Miricam Experience with Our Collaborative Support Community!

We are excited to introduce our new Collaborative Support Community, now part of our Premium Support service, designed to reduce your workload and drive your business success.

1. Reduce Your Workload

  • Quick Resolutions: Access a shared knowledge base for fast solutions to common issues, reducing the time you spend on support.
  • Efficient Support: Benefit from the collective wisdom of fellow Miricam users, learning best practices that streamline your operations.

2. Enhance Your Sales and Marketing

  • Sales Improvement: Collaborate with peers to discover new ways to leverage Miricam for sales growth.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: Share and gain insights on marketing strategies, enhancing your effectiveness and improving your SEO.

3. Boost Productive Collaboration

  • Innovative Ideas: Engage with a community that drives innovation, helping you stay ahead with the latest features and improvements.
  • Shared Success: Learn from the success stories of others to implement proven strategies in your business.

Tech support for your users and models

Technical Support Services for Miricam Users

Our comprehensive technical support services for Miricam ensure seamless operation for both webcam-models and their customers. As a specialized video chat solution, Miricam enables webcam-models to engage directly with their audience, providing a unique and interactive experience. Our dedicated support team assists with any technical issues users may encounter, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted video chat experience.

Key Features of Our Technical Support Services:

  • End-User Assistance: We provide direct support to users experiencing difficulties, ensuring they can connect with their favorite webcam-models without any hassle.
  • webcam-model Support: Our team helps webcam-models manage their video chat sessions effectively, addressing any technical problems that may arise during interactions.
  • Chargeback Reduction: By resolving issues promptly and efficiently, we help minimize the risk of chargebacks, protecting your revenue and maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Knowledge Base Expansion: Every support interaction contributes to a growing repository of solutions and best practices, enhancing the overall knowledge base for all Miricam customers.

Why This Service is Important:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Reliable technical support ensures users have a positive experience, encouraging repeat engagement and loyalty.
  • webcam-model Satisfaction: By providing webcam-models with the tools and support they need, we help them focus on delivering high-quality content without technical distractions.
  • Financial Protection: Reducing chargebacks safeguards your business's financial health, promoting sustainable growth.
  • Continuous Improvement: Our expanding knowledge base empowers all Miricam users with valuable insights and solutions, fostering a more informed and capable community.

Invest in our technical support services to enhance the performance and reliability of Miricam, ensuring a superior experience for both webcam-models and their customers.


Expert Services

The following expert service options are available for an additional fee. When ordering, please note that availability can sometimes be limited should be requested in advance where possible in order to get results in a timely manner.

  • Webmaster & Programming Services: Unlock the full potential of your website with our comprehensive webmaster and programming services. As the original creators of your site and software, we offer unparalleled expertise and efficiency in making updates and improvements. Our in-depth knowledge of your system ensures quick and seamless changes, saving you time and money. By choosing our services, you benefit from cost-effective solutions tailored to enhance your online presence and keep your site running smoothly. Due to high demand, we recommend securing your spot early to ensure timely service.

  • SEO Services: Elevate your website's visibility and performance with our expert SEO services. As the original developers of your site and software, we possess a unique understanding of its structure and functionality, allowing us to implement SEO strategies with unmatched precision and efficiency. Our tailored approach ensures your site achieves higher rankings on search engines, driving more traffic and potential customers to your business. Trust us to provide cost-effective SEO solutions that enhance your online presence and deliver tangible results. Book our services now to avoid delays due to high demand.

Licensed Image Content

Our Licensed Image Content Service offers a vast library of high-quality images, each accompanied by a comprehensive license for use. Whether you need visuals for websites, marketing materials, social media, or any other project, our service ensures you have access to stunning images that are fully licensed for your specific needs.

Key Features of Our Licensed Image Content Service:

  • Extensive Image Library: Access a wide variety of images across multiple categories and styles, suitable for any project.
  • Comprehensive Licensing: Each image comes with a clear, easy-to-understand license that grants you the rights to use the content as needed.
  • High-Quality Content: Our images are professionally curated to ensure high resolution and visual appeal, enhancing the quality of your projects.
  • Flexible Usage Rights: Licenses cover various use cases, including commercial, editorial, and personal projects, giving you the flexibility to use the images as required.

Why This Service is Important:

  • Legal Compliance: Using licensed images protects you from potential legal issues related to copyright infringement, ensuring your projects are compliant with intellectual property laws.
  • Professionalism: High-quality, licensed images enhance the overall look and feel of your projects, making them more appealing and professional.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Save time and resources by accessing a ready-made library of images instead of creating or sourcing visuals individually.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your images are properly licensed allows you to focus on your creative work without worrying about legal complications.

Choose our Licensed Image Content Service for access to beautiful, high-quality images with the confidence that they are fully licensed for your use. Elevate your projects with professional visuals that meet all legal requirements.

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3rd party Payment Processor
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