Presenting MIRICAM

Now, you can provide a FREE video chat solution to cam models, that lets them broadcast to their own members, on their own time, at their own prices, FOR FREE, at any revenue-share or price split you want with Miricam!

The problem:

Some of the most successful solo-models have made it to the top all by themslves, using their skills at website design, photography, video editing and social media to generate thousands of paying subscribers to their websites every month.

Models like these are very valuable to you, But because of their huge investment in time and sweat building their own name and brand, entrepreneurs like these have little interest for working for you other websites.

The solution:

Miricam is software that is included with your LiveCamNetwork Enterprise site, that you can provide to solo-model entrepreneur FOR FREE. It includes everything they need to broadcast live video chat to their own customers, members and followers, while earning incredible profits at the same time .

screenshot of miricam chat software for solo models

The models that you power, can charge any price per minute they want to charge, changing prices any time. They can accept tips, play tip-based games, engage in multi-user pay per minute sessions or private one-one one sessions, and even 2-way video sessions.

Best of all, this is all powered by YOU, and your LiveCamNetwork license, and you can feel free to give away Miricam licenses to anyone you like. We take care of the setup and support services for you.

Miricam is made up of 3 basic components: The Miristream Video Encoder, and the Mirichat Video Decoder, plus the LCN CSNM Server system that runs your website

Miricam is completely brandable and customizable, completely reliable, and fully scaleable.

Solo models work tirlessly to keep members happy. Miricam is a fantastic and easy to use tool that lets them chat and earn money. Best of all, you can give them away for free, earning money from every minute sold and tip provided, while building your content and network all at the same time.

And now, you as a LiveCamNetwork Enterprise owners can provide it to them for free while both you and your models enjoy the revenue it creates

Some of the features include:

  • Complete video, audio and chat streaming system
  • Powered By links to your website or brand
  • Fully customizable look-and-feel
  • Per-Minute Billing with Tips
  • Adjustable Revenue Share
  • True video streaming to Android and iOS devices
  • Banner & Advertising program - sell ads anywhere.
  • Optional 3rd party banner advertising script installation included
  • Adjustable revenue share
  • Data collection & reporting
  • Much more

Contact us for more information or to see a demo.

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