Comparing Payment Processors Netbilling, Segpay, Epoch, CCBill

Find the best payment processing solution for your business needs.

Comparing payment processors for your Miricam site

Comparing payment processors

This table compares the payout frequency, transaction fees, maximum transaction limits, holdback rates and lengths, affiliate program availability, merchant account requirements, and additional features for payment processors CCBill, Epoch, Netbilling, and Segpay. It provides valuable insights into the operational aspects and suitability of each processor for Miricam's platform.

CCBill Epoch Netbilling Segpay
Payout Frequency Weekly Weekly Daily Weekly
Fee per transaction 14.5% 15.5% 5% +$0.35 14.5%
Maximum Transaction Per client per day $500 $500 $2000 $500
Maximum Transactions Per client per day 5 4 none 10
Holdback Rate 5% 5% 0% 5%
Holdback Length in Days 180 180 n/a 180
Available Affiliate Program? Yes No No No
Merchant Account Required? No No Yes No
Monthly Fee $0 $0 $25 $0
Paypal EU Support? No Yes No No
Adjustable fraud detection / rejection threshold No No Yes No

Note: The amounts and policies above can change without notice. We have taken every step to make sure the information is accurate. We suggest you visit the website of each provider and email them with your questions before making a final decision. Some values in the table alove are negotiable, so be sure to discuss your special use case to see if you qualify for any discounts or modifications to their services.

Choosing the right payment processor or gateway depends on your business model, the level of control you desire, your need for international transactions, and whether you're operating in a high-risk industry. Netbilling is ideal for businesses that want detailed control and have their own merchant account. Segpay and Epoch offer great solutions for businesses seeking easy integration and support for high-risk industries, without the need for a merchant account. CCBill is best suited for those who want to leverage an affiliate program alongside their payment processing capabilities.

Selecting the right payment processor or gateway is paramount for businesses aiming to thrive in online commerce. This table presents only a basic comparison of features. Understanding the nuances, features, and suitability of each solution can significantly impact a company's financial operations and customer satisfaction so we urge you to visit their websites before making a final decision.

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