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    Live Video Chat
    Is Big Business!
    And providing your own video chat services for fun and profit is easier than you think!
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    LiveCamNetwork 6.1
    The Complete Live VIdeochat Solution
    For small, large and Enterprise-level business
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    Set your own prices & pay rates.
    Customize everything. Run your business, your way.
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    The BEST Live Streaming Videochat system
    for your business
    Exceptional Video & Audio Quality | True Pay Per Minute Billing | Powerful Administrator Suite
LiveCamNetwork streaming content and accounting management suite for videochat websites

What is

LiveCamNetwork 6.1

LiveCamNetwork is a turn-key video-chat and billing solution for companies and individuals who want to profit from thriving adult video chat entertainment industry.

It comes in 3 versions (Standard, Pro and Enterprise) for hands-on users, as well as the brand new Enterprise ASP version built specifically for investors.

Each LiveCamNetwork license lets you broadcast live HD video & chat services from Chat Models anywhere in the world, through your website for per-minute profits, 24 hours a day.

Pay-per-minute, subscription, tips & tributes, content syndication, advertising and other revenue sources are all built-in to LiveCamNetwork, letting you generate sales from multiple sources all at the same time.

LCN can be used to provide live services such as consulting, coaching or training, and can also be used to provide live entertainment such adult fantasy chat or psychic services.

People who broadcast live content via your site need not operate from an expensive studio. All that is needed is a computer, a webcam, and a high speed Internet connection, letting them broadcast from anywhere, any time. No exotic or expensive hardware is required. Video encoding and streaming software Miristream is included with your site.

Things such a stream management, accounting and billing are all built-in to LiveCamNetwork. This lets you set your own prices and pay rates for each broadcaster or chat model you want to hire, putting you in direct control over your profit.

And as if this wasn't already enough, LCN lets you network with other site owners. Using the MBASE Content Syndication System, you can instantly populate your website with Live content from other sites running LiveCamNetwork, connect to 3rd party service providers, and stream your live content to other sites. This gives your website instant content for your customers to enjoy, and more customers for your own broadcasters too.
LiveCamNetwork is Softare As a a Service, or SaaS. Services such as Hosting, Server Management, Operating Systems and Updates are all provided and all included in each license.

LiveCamNetwork licenses can be run as a stand-alone website, or as an expansion of your existing website. LCN is installed on a domain name that you own. All user data, customers, sales, broadcast data and content, remain your property too. All pages feature your logo, and are customizable with your own graphics, colors, and look-and-feel. Your choice of customizable website templates are included, and professional customization is available.

Payment processing is included with every LCN license, letting your customers pay you online. All payments are processed in real time without any delay, and paid out to you every week or every 2 weeks, your choice. 3rd Party payment processors and Merchant accounts are also supported by LiveCamNetwork.

Want more? LiveCamNetwork Enterprise lets power users manage an unlimited number of broadcasters across multiple sites & markets simultaneously.

Not a power user, but still want in? LiveCamNetwork ASP is our brand new, fully managed license that includes marketing, webmaster, SEO and a dozen other services for owners who prefer more of a hands-off approach.

Industry Praise

LiveCamNetwork is impressive, but don't just take our word for it. Read what industry experts have to say!

  • “LiveCamNetwork is the best video chat platform I’ve seen. Truly an excellent product”

    Anthony Wheatle
    Epoch Payment Processing

    “After seeing it myself and after the crowds they draw at our trade shows, LCN shows it is a truly an outstanding product.”

    Michael Plante
    President - Qwebec Expo
  • “...a company with the utmost ethical integrity, technological prowess, all the other hallmarks of a reputable company.”

    Colin Rowntree
    President - Wasteland

    “Congratulations to 2Much.net for 2014 Best Software Company of the Year Nomination!!"

    Kristen Kay
    XBiz Magazine
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