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An entirely new way to broadcast!

Miricam lets you broad video services on your site in a variety of different ways including:

  • Standard mode
    In standard mode, Miricam works like a standard webcam chat room. Your video is displayed beside a window containing your users who interact with you via keyboard.

  • 2-way Cam-to-Cam Conversations
    Enjoy provide 2-way video chat between yourself and your users.

  • Multi-way ("Many to many") mode
    Multi-way video lets all users see and hear each other. Perfect for hosting online meetings and parties, or broadcasting multiple cameras at the same time! An extra mode called Host_Multi-way, designates a single broadcaster as the "host" of the event, making that persons video larger than the rest of the users.

Miricam provides true, real time video and audio communication via any browser. No extra software is required - Users simply click a link from your website, and go Live! There's nothing to configure and nothing to setup. Just click and chat!

Features include High quality video. External encoder support. Single, bi-directional, or multi-directional video support, Dynamic Image resize & video placement, Secure connections via HTTPS, Peer to Peer OR Client-Server streaming, customizable look-and-feel and even custom script support. No download required.

Miricam Standard Mode

Miricam Multi-directional Video Chat Screenshot 2 by

In Standard mode, Miricam acts like a standard chat room. Your video is displayed on the left hand side of the screens while users view, chat and interact with you.

2-Way Mode:

Miricam Multi-directional Video Chat Screenshot 1 by

2-way mode lets 2 users see and hear and each other. Both webcam windows are automatically sized to be as large as possible and placed side-by side. Volume, Mute and Full-Screen buttons are accessible at the bottom of each window.

Miricam Multi-User mode:

LiveCamNetwork v6.5 The Complete Webcam Streaming & Billing Solution

Multi-user Mode 1 lets you broadcast a live Webcam Show, invite your users to join in, and Let All Users see and hear live cams from all other users at the same time!

The 'Host" of the session has their own LARGE video window, pictured on the left. Each new user that joins in is visible is a smaller window on the right. Miricam automatically resizes and repositions each webcam video window to fit each users screen regardless of window size.

All users can expand any other video into full screen, adjust the volume of each window, mute or close any user anytime.

A second multi-user mode (Mode 2) is the same as #1 above, but without the large "host" window. Instead, all user windows are the same size.

Suggested uses for Miricam include:

  • Solo-model customer retention. If you are a solo model who owns their own website, Miricam lets broadcast live webcam sessions to your members quickly and easily. Miricam can be easily integrated into your site with only a few lines of code, and be made visible only to your paying members. It's large video format, clean layout and uncluttered interface ads lots of new value to your website.
  • Unleash Miricam to your members and let them communicate with each other via webcam! Create a single channel where all users can interact with each other, or allow users to create their own channels.
  • Miricam isn't just for adult entertainment - use it for any business such as consulting, coaching, or any other personal interaction you want to offer.
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