Mbase Connect

Connect and network with other LiveCamNetwork site owners & videochat service providers,
and instantly boost content, customers and sales.

  • Buy & Sell live webcam chat streams with other websites.

    Instantly increase the amount of live content you can offer.

    License your live performer content to other sites for any price per minute you wish to charge.

    All performers appear as native, organic content. No links to other sites, and no traffic leaks.

    Best of all, all pricing and all chat model selection & choices remains under your control

The MBASE system allows you to network with other LiveCamNetwork customers, and "wholesale" live content to and from each other.

By adding your live chat models to the mbase system, your chat models can sell private chat time to your customers and the customers of other websites, simultaneously.

And by adding live chat models from other sites to yours, you increase the choices available to your customers, increase the amount minutes sold on your site, improve conversion rates, and increase customer retention.

Other benefits:

- Creates additional revenue streams
- Provides Fresh content
- Niche content
- Helps take advantage of worldwide timezones

The MBASE Interface is made up performer photos, popularity statistics & conversion rates. You simply click through the models and enable any content you would like to appear on your website. Think of it as a Virtual Chat Studio. Buy content from anyone at any time, sell your own content back. It's a fantastic and unique support network.
Best of all, you can opt-in or opt-out any chat model, at any time, as often as you like. Select ONLY the chat models you wish to appear on your site. Offer ONLY the models that you choose to the MBase network. SELL your live content for any amount you like per minute, and adjust those prices at any time. Purchase live content via the very same method.

Unlike an affiliate program, these are not links to other websites. This live content appears as completely organic / native to your own site, complete with your look and feel, your logos, and your branding.

You can launch your site with already-working performers rather than worry where your content will come from. This allows you to take the time to properly interview and hire the chat hostesses you'd like to perform in your studios, or from their own homes.

With your own models you can make additional revenue on top of your retail, as well as keep their chat rooms buzzing by syndicating your live content to MBase connect.

Best of all, there is zero risk. There is no cost whatsoever to use the Mbase Connect network. You only pay for the service when there is a sale, and how much profit you generate on each sale is completely determined by you.
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