MBASE: The evolution of affiliate software. Make money streaming Webcam Models to multiple websites at the same time.

The Mbase System lets simulcast your webcam models to your website other websites at the same time without any extra bandwidth or resources.

You set the price.

Just as you set a retail price for your customers to chat with your models, you set a wholesale price of your content to other websites.

You profit when they do.

Other site owners like yourself, can mark-up the wholesale price to any price they want. When a private or tip sale is made, You, the other site owners and the webcam models are all notified in real time, and everyone is paid.

No Traffic Leaks!

Mbase displays Live Webcam models as ORGANIC CONTENT on each website, and each private chat and tip is made locally on each website. That means no traffic leaks, and no chance your customers or your models will leave your site for another. This also means that each webcam model appears with logos, layouts and color schemes that are unique to that website too!

MBase is Bi-Directional Affiliate Program

Just as you can make your live content available to others, other live content is available to you. Just pick-and-choose the webcam models you like, set your price and you're done! You now have more webcam models on your site for your customers to enjoy.

Crazy-Sick Accounting

The MBASE System tracks every minute of every sale, of every webcam model and across all domains simultaneously. All sales reports are updated daily at 7am eastern time, and include lots of detail including exactly who chatted with who, when and for how long. Your site is credited instantly for every sale

There's more...!

LiveCamNetwork and MBASE are 100% compatible with CCBill's affiliate software too, giving you access to traditional affiliates & webmasters too including:

  • Downloadable coded text-links and banners
  • Set any commission rate you want
  • Affiliates paid for you, automatically
  • Limited and unlimited commission programs
  • Detailed statistics
  • Automatic Affiliate Sign-up validation
  • Lots of tools to help affiliates promote your site

Other Features:

  • Set Retail Prices for 4 different services: Private VIP chat, Semi-private GROUP chat, VIP Voyeur Model and Group Voyeur Mode
  • Tip-splitting between you, webcam models, and other sites.
  • Add or remove any webcam models at any time
  • Change prices at any time
  • Simultaneous streaming to all websites in real time
  • All content appears as organic content (Your logo, etc)
  • See which other sites have added your content
  • See prices per minute other sites are selling your webcam model's time for
  • Communicate & Network with other websites to employ strategies via built-in private network
  • Real-time Statistics

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