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Stream Live Webcams to your paying customers for unlimited profits.

Payment processing, Accounting & Payroll functions are all built-in.

Charge your customers per-minute to view, chat and interact with your broadcasters, models, celebrities or consultants. Broadcast public, private or group sessions. Broadcast any type of content you like including Adult. You control all content, prices, payouts and commissions.

LiveCamNetwork installs on your domain, and includes a Customizable website with your logo, brand, and look-and-feel. Customize your pages, or allow our professional designers to do the work for you.

Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards instantly, or add the 3rd party payment processor of your choice. LiveCamNetwork is supported by all major payment processors including CCBill, Epoch, Segpay, Surf&Pay, Verotel and Paypal, and payment gateways such as Netbilling.

LiveCamNetwork has everything you need including a versatile Video Encoder, a powerful Video Player & Chat Room, and an easy to use Administrator Control Panel with Accounting system, Payroll, Broadcaster Management and others features.

Need traffic? Use the optional affiliate program included with CCBill. Or take advantage of discount PPC Advertising. Let cam broadcasters promote themselves on social media outlets such as Twitter, and track their progress.

LiveCamNetwork can be used for a stand-alone website, or as an expansion of your existing website.

Winner of multiple industry awards including Best Software Company of the Year from XBiz and Qwebec Expo! We invite you to take a few moments to explore what our turn-key videochat platform can do for you. We think you will be impressed!


Miristream Video chat encoder

Miristream a fast & powerful Video & Chat encoder that lets you or your cam broadcasters broadcast live video through your website. It provides HD-quality Video encoding, various controls and indicators, and is easy to use. Miristream is browser-based, so there is nothing to download.

Customer usernames and other information are displayed instantly, along with real-time earnings and tips. Visual and audible alerts let the cam model know when private chats start and stop, when tips are received, when private messages are received or when other events occur.


  • HD-Quality video
  • Text-Chat with adjustable font size
  • Free mode + 4 Pay per minute chat modes
  • 4:3 & 16x9 "Wide Screen" aspect ratio support
  • Automatic Hardware detection
  • Adjustable Video settings (Size, FPS, Detail & keyframe)
  • Video Preview Window
  • Tip Goals
  • 2-way video and audio support
  • MBase Compatible
  • User list with Balance, Status & Location displays
  • Audio / Visual Alerts for various events
  • Works with any PC or Mac & any browser
  • Selectable Free & Paid chat rooms
  • Break Button
  • Room Topic Settings
  • Adjustable alert level
  • Video & Audio device select
  • 10 to 60FPS Frame Rate support
  • Mic Volume & Mute

Mirichat Video player & Chat room

Mirichat for LiveCamNetwork: Webcam video decoder and integrated chat version 2

Mirichat is the all-new ultra-cool chat room for LiveCamNetwork. It displays HD quality video and audio of your broadcasters in real time, and lets all of your customers interact with your broadcaster easily. The action buttons let your customers start private or semi-private chat, offer tips, send private messages and fund their accounts all with a single click.

Mirichat for LiveCamNetwork (Alternatve version) Webcam video decoder and integrated chat version 2
Above: Mirichat with modern design

Mirichat is customizable with your own logo, colors, layout and look-and-feel, and an optional full screen template that features a floating collapsable chat room is available to order.

Key Features

  • High Speed HD Quality Video
  • Written in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Brandable with your own logo
  • Customizable with your own graphics, colors and layout
  • Free, Private, Group and Passive Chat modes
  • Private Message Support
  • Tip & Tip Goal support

  • Responsive design
  • Real time Chat
  • User list
  • User enter/exit & Tip Notifications
  • "Heartbeat" function
  • Optional Full Screen mode with collapsable chat room
  • Works with all browsers including Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefix & Safari


Accounting, Settlements, and Real-time Sales

Charge your customers, Pay your broadcasters, and Account for every dollar spent on every broadcast. Set any price per minute for any mode, and instantly changes prices as needed.

Control your own profit margins, and view sales as they occur in real time. Pay your broadcasters with only a few clicks. Sell your broadcast time to your own customers and to customers of other websites at the exact same time. The LCN Accounting system tracks and reports absolutely everything, produces clean, easy to read and customizable reports for you.

Need to pay broadcasters a flat-rate instead of traditional commission sales? With LiveCamNetwork, you can do this too!

Key features

  • Real Time Retail and Wholesale sales
  • Settlement Statement
  • Price Per Minute settings & adjustments
  • Pay Rates Per Minute
  • Payroll System (Optional)
  • Per-broadcaster Profit comparison
  • Per-Second accuracy
  • Tip Percentage Adjustment

  • Per Hour / Day / Month / Year Sales comparison
  • Token Naming
  • Token Value Adjustment
  • Good-customer automatic discount support
  • Minimum / Maximum Mbase Wholesale purchase support
  • Minimum Payout Adjustment
  • User balance View & Adjustment Support

Expand the LCN Accounting system with the LCN Payroll Module

The LiveCamNetwork webcam model payroll system takes the chore out of manually calculating commissions and payments owed to your mdoels. LCN Payroll calculates all commissions, all per-minute sales, and all tips automatically, and presents this data as invoices from your broadcasters, to you.

Data can be exported in a standard text delimited format for use with Quickbooks or Excel and for electronic payout services such as Paypal, Payoneer or Paxum. Built-in chargeback management lets you choose whether to pass the cost of the loss on to your broadcasters, or simply let it go. The choice is yours.

Payroll Features

  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Ajustable payout frequency
  • Adjustable Minium Payout
  • Summary / Overview report
  • Individual payout override
  • Sales, Tips and Free chat reports (Summary & details)
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Refund / Chargeback Management
  • Invoice Preview / Commit selection

Tip Goals

Earn More with Goals - Tip Goals!

Now, your webcam models can generate revenue in a whole new way with LiveCamNetwork Tip-Goals. By setting a "goal" for their customers, webcam models can performer speciality shows visible only customers who provide a tip during that particular session, leaving everyone else crying!

How It Works: Your broadcasters first set a goal value (ex: $500), and then choose a time limit, for example, 30 minutes. Each customer in the room can then "Pledge" a tip amount of their choosing, with the amount of the pledge temporarily debited from their account. Customers can pledge as many times as they want, and as much money as they want. When the goal is achieved, the pledges are instantly settled into your broadcasters account and the show can begin, and non-tipping customers are removed from the chat room.

Should the goal fail to be reached, the pledge becomes canceled and the customer's funds are not touched. Should a customer exit the room prior to the start of a show, his or her pledge is also returned instantly to their account.


  • Any tip-goal amount allowed
  • Multiple goals can run at the same time.
  • Custom and pre-set show types.
  • Tip-Split supported.
  • Automatic tip reversal when goals are not achieved.
  • Auto-announcement of tip-goal start, pause and end
  • Periodic prompts to customers to tip
  • Remaining time, remaining to achievement and other indicators.

LCN Solo License

Power other websites with LCN Solo

Empower enterprising broadcasters with their own websites with the ability to broadcast to their own customers and at their own prices.

The Problem: Some of the most successful solo-models have made it to the top all by themslves, using their skills at website design, photography, video editing and social media to generate thousands of paying subscribers to their websites every month.

Models like these are very valuable to you, But because of their huge investment in time and sweat building their own name and brand, entrepreneurs like these have little interest for working for you other websites.

The Solution: Miricam is software that is included with your LiveCamNetwork Enterprise site, that you can provide to solo-model entrepreneur FOR FREE. It includes everything they need to broadcast live video chat to their own customers, members and followers, while earning incredible profits at the same time.

Provide live video chat, per-minute billing and payment processing to broadcasters that own and operate their own websites, for any revenue share arrangement you like. Each broadcaster can provide live video chat services to their own website members at any price they want to set.

Even better, broadcasters can display their live content on YOUR website, at the exact same time, for your own pay per minute customers as well. The LiveCamNetwork system automatically streams to both sites at the same time while


  • Complete video, audio and chat streaming system
  • Powered By links to your website or brand
  • Fully customizable look-and-feel
  • Per-Minute Billing with Tips
  • Adjustable Revenue Share
  • Per-Minute Billing with Tips
  • Adjustable Revenue Share

"“LiveCamNetwork is the best video chat platform I’ve seen. It's a truly an excellent product that's fast and stable too." - Anthony Wheatle, Epoch Payment Solutions

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