Easy to edit HTML pages let you easily customize your site's look-and-feel

LiveCamNetwork includes a 15-page, ready to customize turn-key website. Use LiveCamNetwork as a stand-alone service, or as an add on to your existing site.

Customize every page with any look-and-feel you like including your own logo, graphics, colors, images and look-and-feel, and add additional pages any time.

Not a web designer? No problem! Our in-house design team can customize your LiveCamNetwork website for you. We will take your basic design ideas and expand them to a fully realized & beautiful website within days of your request.

Included Customizable pages

Index page

The Index page servers as a quick introduction to your website which contains important links such as an enter link, or links to broadcaster or user login links, or anything else you want to have it display. For adult entertainment websites, this page normally includes an 18+ Disclaimer.

Main content page / Landing page

Pictured above, The main content page of your website lists all broadcasters who are currently live on your website, and lists all scheduled broadcasters to appear later. It is uses MySQL to obtain the latest data live and scheduled data, and displays information including customer username, broadcaster usernames, images, user login status and account balances, and serves as the main launch page for all video chats. This page can also include niche selections and any banner ads or other advertisements you care to run.

Customer registration page

Your customers create their own accounts by registering to chat on your website. This allows your users access to all free chat rooms your site may offer, and brings them one-step closer to becoming a spending customer. (Includes registration page, sign up accepted, sign-up refused, error pages).

Purchase & account top-up page

This page lets your customers select how much they would like to spend, in $20.00 increments up to $500.00. This page can be customized to show options as a drop-down, or selections can be placed side-by-side. Popular sections can be highlighted, and chat model photos or looping video clips can be included as well.

Chat page

Your live video page displays large format high resolution video of live chat models. Every element of the page including video size, buttons, logos, colors and placement can be adjusted and moved. Buttons include Free chat, group chat, private chat, send tip, send private message, and exist. This page can be expanded to display advertising, news feeds, twitter feeds or any other elements you want.

Broadcaster profile page

The broadcaster profile page includes images and text descriptions of each broadcaster that appears on your website. As an added bonus, keywords, or nichewords, are automatically embedded into the page's text and META tags. All elements can be customized.

Broadcaster application page

New broadcasters & chat models can sign-up for your website by completing a simple form. Like the other pages, this one too can be customized to make it as exciting and interesting as possible to potential broadcasters. It includes fields for Name, Address, Tel# and email address, along with broadcaster-selected username and password. Additional pages request broadcaster photos and photo ID, and an easy to use photo upload and cropping program. Photos are automatically resized and compressed for display on your website. You receive email each time a new broadcaster signs up. Broadcaster approval is controlled by you via your administrator program.

Archive & Movie pages (Optional)

If your LiveCamNetwork package includes Viper, these additional pages are automatically included: (a) An archive page that lists all available videos for your customers to view. This page displays items such as images of the broadcasters that created each archive, prices, and account balances. (b) Display page : A page that displays the recorded video chat or video clip that the customer wants to view. This page includes the video player itself, a timing system for accounting and billing purposes, and options to end the chat, or pay a tip or tribute to the owner of the video clip.

Broadcaster Administration pages

Your chat models have their very own admin area where they can check how many minutes of private, semi private other other minutes they have sold, and how much money they have made. Reports included daily sales, sales for the current cycle, tips, and payout histories. Additional functions for profile adjustments, photo management, advertising & scheduling and time zone settings are all included.