LiveCamNetwork VideoChat encoder

Miristream is a fast & powerful VideoChat encoder that lets you broadcast high quality video, audio and chat in a single package. A large video preview window and adjustable font sizes make it easy to use, while information about the clients including usernames, usage history and other information provide insite to your broadcasters to help drive per-minute sales, tips or donations. Visual and audible alerts, instant sales notifications and private messages are all built-in too.


  • HD-Quality video
  • Text-Chat with adjustable font size
  • Free mode + 4 Pay per minute chat modes
  • 4:3 & 16x9 "Wide Screen" aspect ratio support
  • Automatic Hardware detection
  • Adjustable Video settings (Size, FPS, Detail & keyframe)
  • Video Preview Window
  • Tip / Donation Goals
  • 2-way video and audio support
  • Streams to unlimited users without need for special hardware
  • User list with Balance, Status & Location displays
  • Audio / Visual Alerts for various events
  • Completely browser-based. (Nothing to download)
  • Selectable Free & Paid chat rooms
  • Break Button
  • Room Topic Settings
  • Adjustable alert level
  • Video & Audio device select
  • 10 to 60FPS Frame Rate support
  • Mic Volume & Mute

Mirichat for LiveCamNetwork: Webcam video decoder and integrated chat version 2

LiveCamNetwork Chat Rooms

(Modern and Red themes shown)

The LiveCamNetwork chat room plays the live video & audio from your broadcasters and allows your customers interact with your broadcaster and with each other. Action buttons let your customers start private or semi-private chat, offer tips, send private messages and fund their accounts all with a single click. It is completely customizable with your own logo, graphics and look-and-feel.

Key Features

  • Real Time HD Quality Video & Chat
  • Brandable with your own logo
  • Customizable with your own graphics, colors and layout
  • Free, Private, Group and Passive Chat modes
  • Private Message Support
  • Tip & Tip Goal support
  • Works with all browsers including Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Safari

  • Responsive design
  • User list with real-time updates
  • User enter/exit & Tip alerts
  • "Heartbeat" system to test & maintain stability with slow Internet connections
  • Optional Full Screen mode with collapsable chat room

Tip Goals

Earn More with Goals - Tip Goals!

Now, your webcam models can generate revenue in a whole new way with LiveCamNetwork Tip-Goals. By setting a "goal" for their customers, webcam models can performer speciality shows visible only customers who provide a tip during that particular session, leaving everyone else crying!

How It Works: Your broadcasters first set a goal value (ex: $500), and then choose a time limit, for example, 30 minutes. Each customer in the room can then "Pledge" a tip amount of their choosing, with the amount of the pledge temporarily debited from their account. Customers can pledge as many times as they want, and as much money as they want. When the goal is achieved, the pledges are instantly settled into your broadcasters account and the show can begin, and non-tipping customers are removed from the chat room.

Should the goal fail to be reached, the pledge becomes canceled and the customer's funds are not touched. Should a customer exit the room prior to the start of a show, his or her pledge is also returned instantly to their account.


  • Any tip-goal amount allowed
  • Multiple goals can run at the same time.
  • Custom and pre-set show types.
  • Tip-Split supported.
  • Automatic tip reversal when goals are not achieved.
  • Auto-announcement of tip-goal start, pause and end
  • Periodic prompts to customers to tip
  • Remaining time, remaining to achievement and other indicators.

"“LiveCamNetwork is the best video chat platform I’ve seen. It's a truly an excellent product that's fast and stable too." - Anthony Wheatle, Epoch Payment Solutions

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