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Keep your customers on your website where they belong!

2Much introduces LCN SNS - a package of programs & libraries to give your site features that make your site more interactive, and boosts your site's SERP at the same time!

Blogs & Forums

Keep your customers up to date with whats new on your site and your community with your own blog, and your own forum! Create as many blog entries as you like, and let others contribute to your blog as well. Includes Titles, post date, content summary / preview, search and a whole lot more. Prefer forums? (So do we!) Create your own forum and as many sub-forum or topics as you like. Let users post and comment on the subject of the day and engage you, your models and everyone else.

Photos and Videos

Your performers can now upload all of their photos to your website. Models can create their own albums, describe each album or image with rich keywords, and even tag others. Photos can be uploaded from any device and in any format, and shared with all users, customers only, or specific individuals. Users can "Like" photos and share them with others too.

Text Chat between users

Users can text-chat with other users and models at any time, create new chat rooms on the fly, hold special events and gatherings, or just chat about anything they want! Create special chat room events and even live parties.

Video Chat between users!

What would your videochat website be without cool videochat features? Let your users video-chat with each other in public and private chat modes. Let users create their own private rooms, or start live video chats from the text-chat room. Allow all users to see all other users too!

Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Have new new posts shared instantly on Twitter or Facebook wall.

Youtube Friendly!

Instantly add videos from Youtube to any comment, forum post or blog

Instant notifications sent automatically

Your users can receive instant notifications by email any time there is a new update, comment or thread on your site. Notifications include links right back to the subject matter at hand for easy navigation for returning users, and even faster feedback and new content generation. User can customize notifications to receive only the content they want.

Instant notifications also serve as a fantastic way to reach your clients in a hurry, and announce special shows and offers.

Easy Invitations

LNC SNS Makes it easy for you and your users to invite others to your website! All they do is enter 1 or more email addresses and click on send. Invitations to join your site are sent automatically and legally, and new signups from email are tracked automatically!

Google, Bing and Yahoo will love you

The LCN SNS system lets your models and users create new content. The SNS system is already SEO friendly, and new content is automatically added to the robots.txt file and crawled by Google on a regular basis. As Google finds new and unique content on your site, your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking goes up, making your website and community easier to find on search engines.

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