Miricam Multi-directional Video Chat Screenshot 2 by 2Much.net

Go Miricam Enterprise, and build your empire.

Miricam Enterprise is the ultimate Videochat solution for your fast-growing business. It includes everything in Miricam and Miricam Pro, plus these amazing features:

Support for 100+ Simultaneous Broadcasters

Up to 100 Broadcasters can login and broadcast on your network at the same time, with each broadcaster communicating with an unlimited number of customers. Software and Server Upgrades to support more broadcasters is available!

Spawn Additional Websites

Create a new website for additional models, in any niche you like. With just a few clicks, you can spawn all of the additional files you need to power additional sites. Copy each package to the domain of your choice, setup the configuration files and you're done! You now have a brand new webcam website ready for broadcasting.

Solo-Model Revenue Share:

Give Solo Models who have their own sites the ability to broadcast their live video chat shows, at any price per minute they want to charge, at any Revenue-Share you wish.

Build a Network

Connect each site you spawn and the chat models of those sites together in a network to offer your customers multiple model choices. Manage all models and all prices across all sites with a simple interface. Collect revenue from all sites and distribute payouts to each model accurately thanks to the included accounting system.

Setup Studios in Seconds

Are you ready to work with a studio to provide more cam models to your site? Create a Studio account on any domain you like, and display their broadcasters on your site instantly.

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