LCN Trends

Easy Statistics for your LiveCamNetwork website

Now you can view your website traffic in a meaningful yet simple new way with LCN Trends:

LCN Trends provides you with a simple At a Glance view of the health of your website and business. LCN Trends displays Visitor Traffic, Sign-ups, Sales and Revenue, all on the same graph, color coded for easy readability and updated in real time.

LCN Trends instantly shows you the effect of any new marketing or spikes in performance due to outside influences such as social network mentions.

Features Include:

  • Date & Time of last update
  • Number of visits specifically to content display page
  • Number of new sign-ups per day
  • Number of New purchases per day
  • Total amount of revenue per day

(Additional data points including chat room and purchase-page clicks, and integration with chat model log & usage data coming soon)

LCN Trends is currently in final beta, and expected for release February 1st, 2017. Requires LiveCamNetwork Enterprise.