Webcam price-per-minute and tip manager screenshot

Tip Goals!

The fun, new revenue generator for webcam models!

Now, your webcam models can generate revenue in a whole new way with LiveCamNetwork Tip-Goals. By setting a "goal" for their customers, webcam models can performer speciality shows visible only customers who provide a tip during that particular session, leaving everyone else crying!

Here is how it works: Your webcam models first set the value of the goal (ex: $500) and time limit (ex:20 minutes). Each customer in the chat room sees messages encouraging them to tip, the current remaining balance, and a countdown timer. As soon as the tip goal is reached, a notification sound is played. As the speciality show by your webcam model begins, only tipping customers are able to view the show.

Customers who did not tip in time are treated to either a blank video window, or blurred video window, or video window with box or banner ad obscuring the scene with a "last chance to tip" message. It's a terrible tease, we agree! It has also proven to be extremely effective during beta tests with end users.

Sound and other configuration choices can be set and adjusted by you at any time.

Key features

  • Any tip-goal amount allowed
  • Multiple Goals supported
  • Models create their own shows or select from presents
  • Show types are tracked & measured for performance.
  • Preset show types are presented in order of popularity & sales
  • Show type keywords scanned against customer preferences and keyword selection (enhanced user dbase) for estimated time for goal achievement
  • Tip goal "Pause" and "Continue" controls.
  • Tip-Split supported.

  • Show suggestion: Miristream Tip Goals can suggest show types based on customer preferences
  • Works with Customer niche-word selections
  • Works with customer "Likes" and "Faves"
  • Automatic accounting: Tip goals appear in chat-model accounting
  • Automatic and instant tip reversal when goals are not achieved.
  • Auto-announcement of tip-goal start, pause and end
  • Periodic prompts to customers to tip
  • Periodic prompts indicating remaining time left, remaining amount before achievement reached, etc