Starting March 1 2018, Customers of 2Much can now take advantage of our in-house experts for any technical or business services you may require such as

Custom Webcam, Video, Audio or Streaming Solutions

Do you need a custom streaming solution for your website? Perhaps you want to stream with multiple cameras at the same time, or are looking for a system to connect all users together for audio or video calls? Let the 2Much team put together a custom solution for you. Our team is proficient at dozens of programming languages including all of the popular ones such as NodeJS, Javascript, C/C++/C#, WebRTC, PHP and many others.

Webmaster Services

  • Custom built websites from scratch
  • New pages for your website and general site expansion.
  • Custom Website design, programming, and graphics for banners, print media & apparel
  • 3rd party script installation

Integration Services

Do you have an existing site that needs to be integrated with another? Perhaps your site needs to be connected to a payment gateway, database, Social Network, or other but you lack the technical knowledge to do it on your own? The 2Much Crew is ready to help!

Search Engine Optimization

Optional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services include custom formatting of pages on your website and other services to help ensure proper indexing of your site by major engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing DuckDuck Go and others. We'll scan your site for Indexing and crawl errors, pages restricted from indexing, broken links, poorly-formatted meta descriptions, thin-content pages and more, and help you fix them all. Services include:

  • Page formatting review & fixes
  • Keyword Optimization assistance
  • Proper Meta Tag setup according to Google guidelines
  • Robots.txt, sitemap.xml setup
  • Page content optimization including header & Alt-tag format and general SEO best-practices
  • SEO testing & audit service (scanning for indexing and crawl errors).

Traffic & Marketing

What is the difference between clicks and hits? Between CPA and CPM? How do I promote my site effectively and within a modest budget? How can I get free traffic?

These and other questions are the most common ones asked by website owners, and the geeks at 2Much are ready to help you to promote your website and attract customers, at *any* budget.

2Much is pleased to offer traffic & marketing assistance for our customers. You now have the ability to increase the amount of traffic to your website by as much as you like and generate hundreds or even thousands of unique visitors to your website every day.

  • Banner Creation, any size and type including animated banner
  • Professional press releases
  • Advertising and marketing assistance including ad tracking and optimization
  • Google Analytics Installation & Support
  • Read more about traffic & advertising services here.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Optimization assistance: Use the exact words your potential customers people will enter into Google to find your website. We'll suggest keywords to add to your own and create the biggest potential for desired sales & profits to fit your niche.

Optimize your page content: The text and image content of each page of your LiveCamNetwork site can must be optimized for top rankings. 2Much will provide detailed advice on how exactly to arrange your keywords on each page of your LiveCamNEtwork website to improve search engines exposure.

Internal Website Auditing: Your website will be analyzed & audited periodically for structure and SEO optimization. Free sitemap XML files also included.

Technical issues that can hurt your SEO ranking, fixed! We'll scan your site for Indexing and crawl errors — pages restricted from indexing, broken links, poorly-formatted meta descriptions, thin-content pages and more, and help you fix them all.

Need more?

No project is too big or too small. Contact us today and let us know what you need. We will be happy to provide you with the best solution as quickly as possible that fits your budget.