Webcam price-per-minute and tip manager screenshot

LCN Payroll

A detailed and fully realized payroll system for your LiveCamNetwork website

The LiveCamNetwork webcam model payroll system takes the chore out of manually calculating commissions and payments owed to your mdoels. LCN Payroll calculates all commissions, all per-minute sales, and all tips automatically, and presents this data in a very easy to use payroll system.

LCN Payroll keeps track of all payouts made, automatically creates invoices for each model and archives for future recovery. Most importantly, the easy to understand and easy to read system is an accountants dream. Clear, concise record keeping means easy tracking of sales, income and cashflow.

How LCN Payroll works

Paying your models is easy with LCN Payroll. On a payout day of the week of your choosing, you enter the LCN Payroll system and enter the End-date of your chat model's work period (For example, last Friday). You then enter a minimum payout amount (Usually $0.00), and click SUBMIT. LCN Payroll will then display a summary of all sales as seen in the screenshot above.

The summary displays how much your models earned in paid chat including Private VIP, Semi-private "group", passive "Voyeur" modes, Tips and Tip-goals, along with additional flat-rate earnings while in free chat mode (optional).

Then when ready, site owners can then choose to generate preview invoices, or generate final invoices and payout to all models. When pressed, simple, neat and cleanprint-ready invoices from each chat model are generated. Copies are archived and made available to your models to download and print as well.

Data can be exported in a standard text delimited format for use with Quickbooks or Excel and for electronic payout services such as Payoneer or Paxum.

LCN Payroll also has built-in chargeback and refund protection. Should an end user charge-back their purchase or request a refund, you can choose whether to pass the cost of the loss on to your models ("debit on refund"), or simply let it go. The choice is yours, and the records updated instantly.

Key features

  • Payout tracking & archives
  • Ajustable payout frequency
  • Chat-period ending-on date
  • Adjustable Minium Payout threshold
  • Summary/Overview report
  • Individual payout override
  • Individual payout on refund override
  • Paid Chat summary
  • Free Chat Summary
  • Tip & Tip-Goal Summary
  • Refund / Chargeback tracking up to 6 months
  • Adjustable Holdback
  • Automatic Holdback Return credit
  • Invoice Preview generator
  • Final invoice generator
  • Invoice & accounting archives

Invoices section features

  • Displays name & Address of broadcaster, invoice number, date and payout Cycle
  • Automatic Invoice numbers
  • Chat cycle start-end dates
  • Earning summary AND earning details
  • Optional Holdback and Holdback returns
  • Invoices archived, and available to you & your models
  • Fully Customizable
  • Printer-friendly format
  • Automatically copied to model-administrator program