miriSTREAM for LiveCamNetwork

A powerful and easy to use videochat encoder for webcam models

Webcam videochat encoder screenshot for LiveCamNetwork

Broadcast Live HD-Video & audio video chat to your customer using any PC or Mac with MiriSTREAM

MiriSTREAM uses state of the art mpeg4 video compression technology to deliver high quality, real time video & audio to your customers. It is easy to use, automatically detects hardware, bandwidth and ping time and configures itself for optimal video & audio quality within seconds; no complicated setup or configuration required.

As your webcam models interact with your customers, revenues are generated via private ("VIP") chat, semi private ("Group") or passive ("voyeur") chat modes. In addition to these, revenues are also generated by tips, tributes and live private messaging, all collected in real time.

Webcam models and other broadcasters using MiriSTREAM can also view data about their customers in the room such as account balances, general location and login frequency, likes & preferences and other details.

Your chat models are awarded instant MiriSTREAM access as soon as you approve them. Your webcam models login from your website, and can begin broadcasting and earning revenue instantly.

MiriSTREAM's Key Features:

  • Fast Load times
  • Automatic Hardware detection
  • HD-Quality Video
  • Very fast, real-time encoding
  • Synchronized Video & Audio
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Adjustable Video quality (Video size, frames per second, Quality & Compression, and keyframe rate)
  • Multi-Codec support
  • Real time Video Preview Window

  • 2-way video and audio support
  • Real-time customer list
  • Customer account balance
  • Audio / Visual Alerts for various events
  • Multi-camera support
  • Works with any PC, Mac
  • Mobile support available
  • External encoder support coming spring 2016.
  • Works with all popular browser including Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox

MiriSTREAM's Advanced Features (Enterprise)

  • 2-Way Video & audio support
  • Wireless Mic / Bluetooth Support
  • Customizable customer enter / exit sounds
  • Customizable pay service start/end sounds (Group Chat, Vip Chat, Voyeur Chat)
  • Customizable tip sounds for low, medium, and high-value tips
  • OhMiBod Support
  • Loopback control: This routes audio captured by a microphone back to local speakers or headphones.
  • Encoding Quality: The encoded speech quality when using the Speex codec.
  • AutoGain control: A time-domain automatic gain control algorithm used with noise gating.
  • EchoPath control: Specifies the echo path (in milliseconds) used for acoustic echo cancellation.
  • Enhanced Microphone mode: Intended for studios and chat models that use external USB Microphones, this mode controls the Duplex (FUll or Half) required by certain microphones.
  • Frames Per Packet Support: Number of Speex speech frames transmitted in a packet. This helps to tweek bandwidth usage and delay.

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