Stream Live Video, audio & chat with Miristream

Miristream : The ultimate video chat encoder

Easy to use - Powerful for the profit-minded.

  • video chat encoder for webcams

    Miristream lets your broadcasters broadcast live video, audio and video chat all at the same time, and all in the same, small package.

    The Miristream video chat encoder is included with your LiveCamNetwork license. As your broadcasters login to your website, Miristream loads and configures itself automatically, without any special setup.

    As your broadcasters stream, they can see each customer appear and chat in their chat rooms. Webcams broadcast to your customers is live and real time, with virtually no lag to worry about, in HD. And during private chat, your customer can even choose to enable their own webcam for true real time 2-way video chat.

    Your broadcasters are also treated with various tools including customer account balances, login frequency, and other information to help provide the services and entertainment your customers want really to buy.

Easy to use, easy to configure

Miristream automatically detects the video and audio hardware of the computer running it. It works with any webcam, or camcord + video capture device combination. It runs in any browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) on both PC's and Mac's and requires no special software to download, no special router settings, and most importantly, does not require any modifications to personal firewalls or anti-virus software.

2-way video option

In private ("VIP") chat mode, customers can choose to put their keybwoards to the side, and enable 2-way video and audio at no extra charge to the customer.

Chat for free, charge per minute, accept tips!

The miristream encoder lets your broadcasters communicate with your websites users in free chat, and lets customers begin private "VIP" chats, or semi-private "Group" chats as soon as they are ready. Built-in accounting counts every second of every chat, debits your customers and pays your broadcasters.

Adjustable image quality & bandwidth usage

miristream's default video and audio settings are ideal for most setups and hardly ever needs to be changed. But for those who like to tweak, configuration options include image size, frame rate, image quality & compression are available.

Large video preview window

A large preview window is always live, showing your broadcaster just how they appear to your customers, in all chat modes including 2-way video mode.

Large text chat room with adjustable font sizes

Some broadcasters, especially those working for Entertainment-based websites, sit further away from their screens than others. The adjustable font size makes important data easy to read from any distance.

Customer Information

Miristream features a list of users in your broadcasters chat room of course. Hovering over the user names reveals more data including their account balance, number of times logged in, first login date, customer rating, general location (state), and the main language spoken). This basic information helps your broadcasters target your customers while simultaneously weeding out time-wasters.

It's private

Broadcasters and users are known to each other only by their usernames. Broadcasters using miristream send live video to your LiveCamNetwork media server for rebroadcast, and any IP addresses found by nosy customers will be that of the media and other servers of your website only, and no the IP address of your broadcaster.

Accounting and timers

Private and semi-private paid chat starts accounting and timers on the performer side, customer side, and server side. Your broadcasters can see exactly how much time is left on any paid chat to adjust the show, and help the broadcaster to encourage the customer to add more funds to their account. Keep the show going! When funds run out, the chat is instantly stopped, the customer session ends, and all accounting processes are completed.

Other controls

Some of the other features and controls include controls that let a broadcaster end a private chat, or start a group chat manually. Visual and audible alerts inform the broadcaster of various events including tip receipts. Abusive customers can be flagged or kicked out, and more.

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