LiveCamNetwork Enterprise:

The ultimate webcam streaming solution.

LiveCamNetwork Enterprise is the Ultimate webcam platform for your Streaming Webcam Chat Service.

Enterprise includes everything in LCN Professional and in LCN Solo, plus a whole lot more. Network with other websites for more content and more customers, Power multiple websites at the same time, and provide live streaming services to solo-model sites at any profit-sharing rate you like.

Enterprise Features:

  • Run up to 5 different websites at the same time.
  • Stream your live content to your own website AND to other websites at the same time with MBASE and Mbase Enhanced (New as of March 28!)
  • Sell your live content to your own customers and to customers of other websites at the same time.
  • Add live content from other websites to your site instantly.
  • Sell 3rd-party live content to your own clients at any price you want to charge
  • Solo Moddel Rev-Share: Enable "Solo Models" to run their own video chat system on their own websites, for any revenue split you like. More
  • All 3rd party live content appears as ORGANIC to your website
  • Network with other Enterprise operators
  • Quickly Expand your model's customer base
  • Instantly populate your site with Live content
  • No stream-splitting software required
  • No extra bandwidth or resources are required.
  • Dating site plug-in for additional revenues
  • Chargeback Management
  • Viper Recording Playback + Pay Per minute billing for extended broadcast content & Virtual Private Chat Rooms

And like LiveCamNetwork Solo and Pro, Enterprise installs on your domain with your own logo and look-and-feel.

More About Solo-Model Rev Share

Not all models will want to work for your website. It's a simple fact many people prefer to build their own websites and brand, and cultivate their own fanbase and clients over time instead of provide their services for a commission.

This does not have to be the end of your relationship with them however. What if you could provide them with all of the services they need to do what they want, and broadcast to their own customers, at their own prices and terms?

With LiveCamNetwork Enterprise, you can!

LiveCamNetwork Enterprise Edition includes 5 Solo Model Edition licenses (Value: $1200 Each) which you can provide to any models you like for free, at any revenue share you want. The solo model license includes everything they need including payment processing to allow them to broadcast to their own customers. All accounting and revenue sharing between you and each model is handled automatically.

Hold on to your hats, because here comes the best part. Each Solo Model License included with Enterprise, is also MBase Enabled. That means that each solo model you power also appears on your own website at the exact same time, bringing even more content to your site, and more clients & sales for the both of you.

Solo-Model broadcast streams can be configured in a variety of ways, such as "Everyone", "Everyone + Mbase", "Members / Subscribers Only", and revenue shares can be adjusted at any time. This lets you work with each solo model and modify each paramater of the agreement as required quickly and easily.

"“LiveCamNetwork is the best video chat platform I’ve seen. It's a truly an excellent product that's fast and stable too." - Anthony Wheatle, Epoch Payment Solutions

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