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The ultimate affiliate program for your website

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Affiliate Software and Service availability for your LiveCamNetwork website.

Now you can provide tools to 3rd party webmasters, bloggers, vloggers and others with the tools they need to deliver high quality traffic to your website, and paying customers to your models. You choose the commission rates and other paramaters. Payout a single commission for a single sale, or offer revenue-sharing with webmasters.

Track every visitor from every website. View vistor-to-signup conversions, and then user-to-customer conversions. Traffic-boosting assitance, technical support, custom tools, galleries and image packs are all included!

Need more chat models? Now you can offer your models the ability to make extra money by referring customers to you, automatically! Have your models sign-up for the same affiliate program as other webmasters, or create a unique affiliate program just for them! Track referrals from affiliates and webcam models separately, and create a separate commission structure for both if you want to.

Pay your affiliates directly, or optionally choose to have them paid automatically. It's completely up to you!

Key features

  • Fully Automated. Affiliates can sign-up and begin promoting immediately.
  • Automatic or manual payouts.
  • Track clicks, user and customer conversions
  • Real-time reports
  • Have affiliate webmasters and cam models promoting your website at the same time
  • Track media-buys for performance too!
  • Includes custom-made banners and free technical support for your affiliates.

Important:. Due to the increased support requirements, The LCN Affiliate program is available for a limited time only, and may sell-out at any time. Additional fees required. Some services subject to availability. Please Contact us before ordering.