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Advertising services

We are pleased to offer optional advertising services to all of our LiveCamNetwork clients. Our advertising efforts are a result oriented service that helps your business make down-to-earth and practical advertising decisions. We do this by developing a goal oriented strategy that will work for you and your business.

Whether it’s through banner advertising, pay per click, keyword ads, pop-ups or pop-unders, we create advertising programs to scale to the needs of each advertising partner. Each program is custom tailored to campaign objectives and is positioned to deliver the highest amount of qualified visits to your website.

We work with any budget. We offering packages starting at only $18.00. We can attract visitors to your website from all over the world, or narrow your traffic to specific high-value countries, or low value locations can be easily filtered-out. Specific languages and niches can also be targeted.

We can even offer to help you sell advertising space on your website too!

Want more? We offer discounts for larger traffic buys, multi-domain advertising, and detailed traffic monitoring via the included server traffic monitor, or a 3rd party system such as Google Analytics.

When ordering your LiveCamNetwork license, be sure to ask about our discounts and test-trials for new customers.

Special Trial Offer: Get 2 Million Banner Impressions, free!

For a limited time, we are offreing free Banner & text Impression Ads: to help jump-start your website. Your banner ads will be made using the graphics, colors, and logo of your website along with licensed content, for placement inside high-traffic members-only websites where it will be seen up to 2 Million times in 30 days!

As viewers click through to your site, metrics such as click-through rates and conversions will be analysized and used to improve your advertising and marketing efforts as time goes on. Pay Per Click ads are also available.