Adult toy & lingerie store,

Did you know?

That 61% of all adult webcam enthusiasts all spend a considerable amount of money online buying toys, videos and lingerie?

And did you also know

That most of this is spent on cam models?

Now, you can offer your customers the opportunity to buy anything they want, for YOUR cam models, and have those items shipped directly to your cam models without revealing their real name or home address!

Here's how it works:

  • Your LiveCamNetwork license now includes a fully stocked online store, complete with your logo, and installed on your domain.
  • As your models register on your website, they are also invited to create a wish-list of items they would like to own. The wish-list can include anything such as toys, clothing, and other items.
  • Their wish list is then published on their performer profile on your website.
  • Customers can then click these links to view the wish-lists, and place the orders for any items, and even add additional items not on the wish list.
  • Each item is then shipped directly to the model, without revealing her identity or address, and YOU are sent a 20% Commission check!

Of course, customers can shop for themselves or others as well.

Best of all, you have no inventory to carry, and order fullfilment and returns are all handled for you as well. All advertising of new products is handled for you, and all products include a full customer satisfaction guarantee.