Every minute, every stream, every sale, counted & verified.

Ensure your cam models are paid accurately and on-time, with the LiveCamNetwork accounting software.

Set your own prices per minute, per cam-model. Set your own pay rates & income splits too. Then run the reporting system with a few clicks and know exactly how much is owed to each cam model. Easy to read reports make tracking profits a snap. Automatically generated invoices makes paying cam models a breeze.

Change & Tweak every value, and watch your income grow at the rate you need it to grow at. The LCN Accounting system tracks and reports absolutely everything, produces clean, easy to read and customizable reports.

Charge your customers, Pay your broadcasters, and Account for every dollar spent on every broadcast. Set any price per minute for any mode, and instantly changes prices as needed. View sales as they occur in real time. Pay your broadcasters with only a few clicks. Export your data too.

Need to pay broadcasters a flat-rate instead of traditional commission sales? With LiveCamNetwork, you can do this too!

Key features

  • Real Time Retail and Wholesale sales
  • Settlement Statement
  • Price Per Minute settings & adjustments
  • Pay Rates Per Minute
  • Payroll System (Optional)
  • Per-broadcaster Profit comparison
  • Per-Second accuracy
  • Tip Percentage Adjustment

  • Per Hour / Day / Month / Year Sales comparison
  • Token Naming
  • Token Value Adjustment
  • Good-customer automatic discount support
  • Minimum / Maximum Mbase Wholesale purchase support
  • Minimum Payout Adjustment
  • User balance View & Adjustment Support

Expand the LCN Accounting system with the LCN Payroll Module

The LiveCamNetwork webcam model payroll system takes the chore out of manually calculating commissions and payments owed to your mdoels. LCN Payroll calculates all commissions, all per-minute sales, and all tips automatically, and presents this data as invoices from your broadcasters, to you.

Data can be exported in a standard text delimited format for use with Quickbooks or Excel and for electronic payout services such as Paypal, Payoneer or Paxum. Built-in chargeback management lets you choose whether to pass the cost of the loss on to your broadcasters, or simply let it go. The choice is yours.

Payroll Features

  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Ajustable payout frequency
  • Adjustable Minium Payout
  • Summary / Overview report
  • Individual payout override
  • Sales, Tips and Free chat reports (Summary & details)
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Refund / Chargeback Management
  • Invoice Preview

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