Arriving Q3 2017:
LiveCamNetwork 3DVR

Finally, the future of Live Video chat is within reach. LiveCamNetwork VR will let you broadcast true, live video from your chat models to your customers and provide a rich, immersive personal experience to your customers using industry leading 3DVR displays.

As described on the Oculus Rift Website, Seeing is believing: The Rift is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. And your customers will feel like they are "really there" with your chat models using LiveCamNetwork VR.

LiveCamNetwork VR delivers stereoscopic video to your customers via discreet left and right-eye video, bringing them directly into an intimate world. Your customers can look left, right, up and down, and even lean forward and back, while the virtual world updates their point of view with real-time positioning and viewing angle tracking, while the model remains at the same relative position within the virtual world.

With 3D spatial sound enhancements, the immersive experience is enhanced further, as the model is intimately present to the customer. Together with immersive video, this enhances and completes the experience, making every live chat a memorable and pleasurable time for your customers.

LiveCamNetwork VR for Enterprise is currently under development. A beta version is expected to be available until in summer 2017.