2 Way video & Audio

2-Way Video and chat screenshot

The long awaited 2-way video option is now available for LiveCamNetwork Enterprise. The LCN 2Way chat system is an All-In-1 video player, chat room, and audio-video encoder that lets your customers broadcast their live webcam and microphone to your models for a true, real-time audio/video conversation.

2-Way video chat increases sales by making communication feel much more personal and more natural. Real-time, synchronized video and audio without any lag creates a very natural experience.

Internal data shows that 2-way chat results in a 70% increase in sales, 77% increase in time spent online, and 86% increase in repeat use.


  • Automatic Hardware Detection
  • Customer-side video start/stop
  • Real time video & audio with no delay
  • Completely browser based - No special software to configure
  • Small footprint - very fast load times
  • Automatic bandwidth detection
  • Tip support
  • Mbase Supported
  • Secure. No data other than video and chat is transmitted between users. IP addresses are not revealed